“Where people come to change, heal, and grow.”

beach2Family Strengths Counseling Group (FSCG) is a place where people discover their inner strengths to cope with whatever obstacles are in the way to having a successful life. We provide in office, mental health care for individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, elders, and adults.

FSCG believes that change happens within an individual person, couple, family and community based on the way one relates to another. In other words how “I” communicate with “you” matters. The more effectively “we” are able to be in relationship with each other will have impact on how “we” are able to function in everyday life, e.g., how our family gets along, being at school, talking with our neighbors, and worshipping with our church community, etc.

Therapy is a weird process – you come in and work with someone to “fix” your problems. We believe therapy is less about fixing what is broken and more about finding strengths and using those strengths to cope with challenges. Life is rarely perfect and thus we all need support from each other – that takes strengths-based, resiliency-focused and honest feedback about the next steps to consider.

We encourage healing by following the pace of the client. We work together towards positive change that leads to growth and a better life. Therapists at FSCG value continual training, learning more about an ever-changing field, and are open to responding to the communities’ they serve.

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