Family Therapy

Is it important to bring the entire family in for therapy sessions? Family Therapy utilizes the entire family. Each family member brings benefits and challenges to the situation or problem that the family is encountering. It is important for each member’s perspective to be represented otherwise other family members would be “speaking for” the missing member. To determine who should be in attendance for family sessions, the Therapist and family would make that agreement.

Marriage and Family Therapy utilizes specific training in managing multiple people in a therapy session. This means we are able to work with a family in the context, strengths, and challenges that each member experiences along with the family as a whole.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Systems Theory.

There are many ways “to do” Family Therapy. Each Family Therapist has their own style of therapy with each family. There are many theories and techniques; a few that may be used include: Filial Play Therapy, Structural Therapy, and Bowenian techniques. Thus, it is the partnership between the Therapist and the family to come up with a plan that best suits the situation.

There are many reasons why a family could benefit from Family Therapy. These are a few of the reasons with the possibility of others:

  • Parenting problems
  • Conflict in the home
  • Life changes: divorce, remarriage, blended families, death, and school problems

Thus, family strengths are the key to developing personal strengths. If the family relationship is strengthened, there is a better chance for each member to be healthier and happier. We can better cope with stress and react better to change when our family relationships are strengthened.

This is a brief explanation of Family Therapy. If you have more questions, please contact us for more information.


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